Commemoration is one of the core goals of my art, representing endless possibilities for potential commissions.  Commissions have an extra added challenge of memorializing aspects of a client's life experience uniquely memorable only to them.  I enjoy using memorabilia that everybody collects but nobody knows what to do with.  Cards, photographs,  posters, programs, invitations... piling on fridges, under beds and in bottom drawers until they no longer make it through spring cleaning.  You can give me what you struggle to let go and I’ll turn it into something that is aesthetically pleasing, yet retains the memorable quality of the unique experience.

Search my example commissions for themes, ideas, colors and combinations that interest you and we can discuss how I can best accommodate your visions.  Don’t feel intimidated by the process, I offer free quotes and truly love commission work.

JJR Cover Art 2-21-11.jpg

"JJR 50"  (15"x30")

JJR, a nationally prominent company specializing in landscape architecture, planning, urban design, civil engineering and environmental science, commissioned a Cut Paper Assemblage celebrating their 50th Anniversary.  With studios in Ann Arbor, Chicago, Madison, Phoenix and Washington, D.C.,  a major undertaking was to create a piece that reflected the inclusive nature of JJR’s projects.

The final piece was composed of 50 squares representing both 50 years in business and their top 50 projects.   This piece was be used as the cover of JJR’s commemorative 50th Anniversary book in 2011.

"I am here because of you" (40"x60")

This piece was commissioned by the National Kidney Foundation to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the U.S. Transplant Games 2010.  “I am here because of you” is a 2-D cut paper assemblage, culled from a small mountain of programs, posters, and other promotional materials from each of the previous U.S. Transplant Games since 1991. 

I included 20 hand cut “patches,” composed of 9 squares each, representing 20 years since the inaugural Transplant Games.   The “patches” are arranged in four rows, signifying the four groups of people who make up the Games (living donors, donor families, support professionals and the recipients).  A closer inspection of the piece reveals 180 bright and vibrant squares, including squares within squares, representing the unique individuals and their miraculous stories who are a part of the biennial event.

Finally, all of these individual squares and patches are held together by the actual individuals attending the 2010 U.S. Transplant Games.  We met with as many attendees as possible, over two days to get the signatures of each participant, their families, donors, and supporters.  The signatures demonstrate that this piece is NOT abstract thinking... these are real people represented by their own hand written names who attended the Games to express their appreciation and thanks for one another for their second (third? or fourth?) chances at life.   A big thank you to all the folks I met at the games, I was honored to make “I am here because of you.”.... for you. 

TG10 (low res).jpg

Kayla's Bright Ideas-Proof.jpg

"Kayla's Bright Ideas" (12"x18")

“Kayla’s Bright Ideas” is an example of private commission. Denise, a first time grandmother, approached me with the idea to create an assemblage featuring her granddaughter, Kayla.  During our consultation meeting, Denise found particular enjoyment in a project I had already finished.

Together, we revamped the piece to match her vision to commemorate the birth of her granddaughter.  Denise selected 18-22 pictures of Kayla that I used to redesign the original color scheme of my previously finished piece.  I placed 18 photographs in the center of the squares, creating a fine art picture frame.

I am told, that now during visits to Grandma’s, Kayla points to her squares and calls out “Baby!,” strongly declaring herself a ‘big girl now.’  The title of the original piece that gave Denise this great idea?  “Bright Ideas.”

"Life is Beautiful" (36"x36")

Jones Family 36x36 web.jpg

A family commissioned this piece to represent many years of family memories created while traveling throughout the world.  Source material for this commemorative work of art was provided by the family and was composed of photographs taken during their favorite family events. 

To the casual observer this piece is viewed as an abstract piece of art, to this family, it is an assemblage of their most cherished memories.   It is  created from breathless hikes, mountain top breezes, tumbling waves and timeless sunsets... adventures that only the they can identify.  They recognize every corner, color pattern and texture as a small piece of a much larger and richer life.